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Videos Each Week


Journey Through Pandora

Mike and Dan are crazy and love the Borderlands games. Join them every Monday as they slowly make it through the entire series.


Games Matrix Podcast

Games Matrix is skyematrixgaming.com weekly video game podcast. Every week the rotating cast sits down to talk about the last week in the world of Video Games.


Learning to Evolve

Learning to Evolve is a weekly show hosted by Mike and Brad about Pokemon. Each week they choose their top 3 Pokemon from that weeks theme, explain why they are right, and then battle using one of those Pokemon as the leader of their team.


Media Matrix

Join Skye Matrix as we talk about the weekly entertainment news


Games You May Have Missed

There are way to many games out there and we just keep getting more games everyday, so this leads to the questions: what games did I miss? Well Mike and AJ are here to answer that question. Join them every Friday as they go over a few games that you missed and if it's worth your time.


Upcoming New Show


Upcoming New Show