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November 30, 2015

Sony unlocks 7th Core

Written by Damien

Sony has unlocked their 7th core allowing game developers the opportunity to harness more of the PS4's power.

The systems FMOD audio middlewares changelog notes which were posted on the Beyond 3D forums explain how the 7th processing core for the Playstation 4 has been unlocked. "PS4 - Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core," is what it says specifically.

While this is undoubtedly great news for Playstations fans it should be noted Microsoft did the same thing earlier in the year. It should also be said that previously released games will not take advantage of the new processing power unless patched in with an update. Let's hope some games get this patch cough cough Witcher 3's load times and Bloodborne's as well.

Futurama: Release the Drones

Written by Devon

Good news, everyone! Fox Digital Entertainment has partnered with Wooga to bring us a new mobile adventure.

Wooga has stated that Game of Drones will see players "delivering dangerous cargo to hazardous locations under ill-advised circumstances, players connect groups of delivery drones to solve an array of fiendish puzzles as they venture into iconic environments from the Futurama universe."

Dave Grossman, one of the key writers behind well known games such as Secret of Monkey Island and The Wolf Among Us, has been brought on board. Wooga has also tapped into the writing of Jonathon Myers (Game of Thrones: Ascent) and one of the actual Futurama writers, Patric M. Verrone.

Fox has not stated whether Futurama: Game of Drones will be free to play, but it seems likely considering their success with other titles on mobile devices like Simpsons: Tapped Out. Wooga has also published other puzzle games on mobile, three of which are available on both Android and iOS - Diamond Dash, Agent Alice, and Jelly Splash.

Although this is not the first Futurama game to be made, it is exciting to see the property being used. After numerous cancellations, Futurama just won't stay dead. For a diehard fan like me, that's a dream come true. Futurama's most recent cancellation was in 2013. Ever since then there have been whispers and rumors about what might happen. Katey Sagal and John Dimaggio were both “confident” that it could return. Matt Groening has also expressed interest in the series saying that there are endless ideas and that there would be discussion over waffles back at a Comic-Con in 2014. Hopefully this game, albeit small, is foreshadowing a greater announcement. Why would they put out a game for a series two years after it was cancelled? Only time will tell!

November 29, 2015

Trophies on PlayStation Classics

Written by AJ

Could Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas be one of the games coming to the list of Backwards Compatibility on the PlayStation 4? If a recent listing of trophies is anything to go by, than just maybe.

Trophy listings for San Andreas have been showing up on listing sites. An interesting thing to look at though, is that they are listed for the PlayStation 3. While this could mean that this listing on Gamefly is legit and actually a thing, it is a strange thing that it would be coming out on the PS3 when everyone has moved on the new generation of consoles.

The trophy list, here, doesn't seem that hard, and they seem like they are just a copy of the achievements that were added to the game when it was re-released on the Xbox 360 in October 2014.

While we haven't seen many of them released yet, PlayStation 2 Classics that are Backwards Compatible seem to be adding trophies to them. Along with San Andreas, this month's Star Wars bundle that included PlayStation 2 Classics such as Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Racer Revenge had trophies that were added to them as activities that trigger the unlock.

November 24, 2015

Guitar Hero is Growing

Written by Mike

Starting tomorrow, November 25th, activision is adding 34 brand new tracks to their hit new game Guitar Hero Live. These include 28 new on demand songs and 6 premium show songs.

Here is a list of all the upcoming songs.

On-demand List

Judas Priest – Living After Midnight

Amaranthe – Drop Dead Cynical

Primus – Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

Chevelle – Face To The Floor

Rage Against the Machine – Killing In The Name

Godsmack – 1000hp

Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

Sleeping With Sirens – If You Can't Hang

Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

Walk The Moon – Shut Up And Dance

Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts – Modzilla

Audioslave – Like A Stone

Five Finger Death Punch – The House of the Rising Sun

Heart – What About Love?

Huey Lewis and the News – Heart and Soul

Great White – Rock Me

The Outfield – Your Love

Cinderella – Shake Me

Lower Than Atlantis – Here We Go

Neon Trees – I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)

Rush – Fly By Night

Sammy Hagar – I Can't Drive 55

The Amazing Snakeheads – Here It Comes Again

Jake Bugg – Slumville Sunrise

Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People

The Glitch Mob - Can't Kill Us

Premium Show Tracks

Dance Meets Rock

Zedd – Stache

The Prodigy – Nasty

Knife Party – Centipede

On Tour 2015

Escape the Fate – Issues

Black Veil Brides – Heart of Fire

Atreyu – So Others May Live

Honestly Guitar Hero Live is getting a surprising amount of support for only being a month old. This might show a good future for platform games and continually content updates.

November 20, 2015

PS Vita Grips

Written by Damien

Electronic company Joetsu has announced that they will be making a version of their R2 L2 Button Accessory for older generation Oled Vita models (PCH-1000). The accessory is already available for the new slim modeled Vitas (PCH-2000) however the re release will see some improvements.

The new version will fit more snug closing from the top to create a better grip of the console and accessory. If you do own the old Playstation Vita the R2 L2 accessory will be availabe Winter 2015, it should be noted however that neither of these sweet toys are available to anyone outside of Japan but of course you can always visit or you can purchase a pair for the slim model right here via

What is Ray Gigant?

Written by Devon

Ray Gigant is Coming to the West!

Fresh off the heels of Superbeat: Xonic's release comes word of the second game from Acttil, Ray Gigant. Ray Gigant was originally released in Japan by Bandai Namco Entertainment in the summer of 2015, but America and Europe will be graced by its presence in the Spring of 2016.

Ray Gigant will introduce players to three heroic characters who share a common goal of saving their world, though they carry different sets of ideals. Ray Gigant will reveal each of their stories through their own arcs which will all seamlessly converge by the end of the game. Players will determine the fate of these characters and their world.

In a Nutshell:

This adventure is set in the near future… Earth's major cities have been ravaged by giant, terrifying creatures known as Gigants. Across the globe, military forces from every nation attempted to counter the attacks but, to their horror, failed miserably. In a twist of fate, it was reported that a boy named Ichiya Amakaze defeated a Gigant. The boy defeated the Gigants using a mysterious power called the Yorigami. This victory was short-lived, however. Ichiya lost control of his power and tragically destroyed the city he tried so hard to protect. After this fateful experience, he fell unconscious. Ichiya was then detained and sent to a safe location where his fate would soon unfold...

What are the Gigants?!:

Gigants are mysterious, alien life-forms that have invaded Earth. Gigants of various shapes and sizes have been discovered, and they generally take upon forms of beasts from legend. However, unlike those mythical beasts, Gigants do not harbor a brilliant, celestial aura. Whatever aura they do possess is something much more vile…

This game was created by the developer Experience. Their most recent releases include Demon Gaze and Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, with a sequel in the works as well. Fans of the dungeon crawling genre will be delighted to dive into this unique experience. The gameplay for Ray Gigant looks very similar to Demon Gaze, but with a twist on both the story and fighting. As mentioned earlier, the story revolves around 3 separate characters story arcs. In Ray Gigant your team shares the AP that it uses to attack, instead of each character having their own allotment of AP. This AP maxes out at 100. You also don't get your AP fully restored at the end of each round, but rather a paltry 5 AP. You can also opt to gain 10 AP back by having the entire party rest for one turn, leaving yourself vulnerable to attack, or take your chances to end the battle in just a single turn to gain back a whopping 25 AP. Clearly there is a certain degree of risk taking, strategy, and planning involved to successfully conquer this game and take down the Gigants.

Acttil will be attending PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco to showcase Ray Gigant in the U.S. for the very first time! They will also be showing off Superbeat: Xonic, and and be giving away some special editions to lucky fans. Please join them for a hands-on experience of the action-packed dungeon crawler, Ray Gigant!

November 19, 2015

Can the PlayStation 4 play PlayStation 2 Games?

Written by AJ

Could PS1 and PS2 classics be coming soon to the PS4? If a recent bundle is anything to go by, it could be sooner rather than later.

This survey was given over the past summer to select members, and one of the interesting things to look at are the options for backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 classics. While never confirmed, the possibility of backwards compatibility was a talking point for a while. Sony Head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, told Polygon in an interview that “The PlayStation 4 doesn't have backward compatibility.” This statement makes sense, as PlayStation Now is supposed to be the service that PlayStation users will go to for their older games. The main issue, at least for me, is that PlayStation Now is a subscription-based system, unlike the Xbox's current way of doing backwards compatibility.

Recently, the tide may have shifted in the Sony camp when it comes to backwards compatibility. Digital Foundry, famous for running games to see what resolutions and framerates they operate at, noted something peculiar. Some of the included games in the new Star Wars PS4 bundle are from the PS2 era. While not a big deal right away, there were, at the time, no systems in place to run these games. It appears as though now there may be something for this conundrum. On boot-up, the screen prompts you that the select and start button are mapped to the touchpad, which is a system level feature and not something easily accessed. Also, the games boot with the PS2 boot screen, a dead giveaway that the games are being emulated on the system. After realizing that emulation was now possible on the PS4, Digital Foundry went looking at other titles and found that the emulator upscale the games to 1292x896, before adding black bars to fit into a 1920x1080 screen. Along with the upgraded resolution, it seems as though the games may actually run better. After performing a test on Jedi Starfighter, Digital Foundry noted that the game ran at 60 frames per second, far better than the game ever ran on PS2 hardware. Who knows exactly what the emulator is doing to get this improvement, but something is working so far.

Along with emulation, it appears as though something else was added, something that will pique the interest of hardcore PlayStation gamers: Trophy support. While not natively in the games, trophies unlock when you trigger things in game.

Could these titles start a path towards a similar system to what Xbox is doing? Who knows, but the results could be very interesting.

Digital Foundry's Article

Yoshida Interview

November 18, 2015

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Next Week

Written by Damien

Today Ubisoft announced the date for the open beta of Rainbow Six Siege. The beta will go live next week on November 25th and end on November 29th, if you missed the closed beta and are dying to check out what is sure to be a hot title this holiday mark your calendars!!! Rainbow Six Siege will release on December 1st for XBOX ONE, PS4 and PC.

New Guitar Hero Premium

Written by Devon

Starting today, there will be new content available under Guitar Hero Live's Premium Shows. For the uninitiated, GHL offers “Premium Shows” as a featured online mode. There are two options available in order to access a Premium Show. The first is buying Hero Credits, with real money, to play the premium show for 210 credits. The other option is to use your freely earned online play credits to play and 3-star, 3 pre-selected tracks. Once you fulfill these conditions you will have access to play the Premium Show, once, free of charge.

The unique force behind the Premium Shows is that instead of seeing the fauxband that you get in the single player experience, you get to see a live perform of the music you're playing.

Activision has just added a new Premium Show featuring Rival Sons, the “rising rock band from Southern California”. This band actually opened the official GHL launch party in LA back in October. This Premium Show will have 3 live songs from the band - Keep On Swinging, Pressure and Time, and Electric Man.

Curious to see more of Rival Sons? Check em out!

Activision has also made a bold promise to bring more performances from their launch party. These performances will include some more famous acts like Weezer and Grizfolk later this year.

On a side note here are some other new songs and music videos that were added to the GHL online library.

System of a Down - Toxicity

Judas Priest - Painkiller

Bullet for my Valentine - Tears Don't Fall

Sum41 - Fatlip

Four Year Strong - Just Drive

Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl

So go on, get back to rockin!

November 17, 2015

Forza 6 Wants More Money

Written by AJ

At first, it seemed as though Turn 10 Studios had learned something after releasing Forza Motorsport 5. Microtransactions don't really fit into a racing game that is supported by a VIP system and DLC car packs. People were up in arms about the idea that they could be wanting more money for things that you could earn in-game if you actually played the game.

At release, Forza Motorsport 6 had no microtransactions, and Turn 10 didn't plan on adding any. In a roundtable interview back in September, Content Director John Wendl, said that microtransactions would only return if “sometime in the life cycle, players are asking for it”. Well, apparently players asked for them back. In the past few days, the infamous tokens showed up in Forza 6 player's inventory. While Turn 10 are nice enough to gift you 100 tokens right away, those tokens can only buy you some of the cheapest cars that are offered. It will be interesting to see the response by players that have been duped once again.

Token packs can be found on They range from $.99 for 100 to $99 for 20,000.

November 16, 2015

Battlefront Season Pass and It's Content

Written by AJ

With news of what is going to be included released today, is the Star Wars Battlefront season pass actually worth it?

Included in the season pass, as is with all recent DICE games, are 4 expansions and two week early access to those expansions. Each expansion will include 4 maps, a new game mode, and a new hero and villain. The heroes and villains have yet to be announced by DICE. Along with these items, each pack will come with additional cards and pickups that can be found on the battlefield.

The pack runs $50 USD/£40

Season Pass*

"Expand your galaxy with the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Season Pass*. Get 4 upcoming digital expansion packs filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away. Act now to secure two-week early access to each expansion pack and an exclusive “Shoot First” emote. The first expansion pack will be released in early 2016. Stay tuned for more details on Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass* in the coming weeks." - From Battlefront Website

November 10, 2015

Magicka 2 is now Everywhere

Written by Mike

After about a year and half after its original release the popular game Magicka 2 is now available on both Mac and Linux operating systems.

“Magicka 2 brings players back to the world's most irreverent co-op action adventure series, providing all-new game features alongside the original's iconic spellcasting system, humor, and always-on friendly-fire.”

November 9, 2015

Guitar Hero Live Free Party Pass!?

Written by Devon

Guitar Hero Live's online mode can be tackled for free or via a party pass. The party pass can be purchased for $5.99 and allows you to play any song in the online library for free for 24 hours. I don't know if Activision is throwing me a bone because I got sidetracked by Metal Gear Solid and haven't touched the game in over a week, if they are running some kind of event, or if it is just a glorious error, but yesterday when I logged in I was given a party pass for free. When I woke up this morning to cram in some more tracks before work and before it expired, my pass had been extended for another 24 hours! I suggest booting up the game to check if you have been given a party pass as well. You can use this time to play all the tracks you've been itching to play, knock out the required tracks for the Guitar Hero Premium shows, or even earn some of those silly trophies such as “The Stranger” or “The Right Combination” all without wasting your precious play credits.

Rock On!

November 7, 2015

Overwatch: Free to Pay

Written by Damien

The upcoming game from Blizzard won't be free to play like many assumed. This new squad based shooter will instead cost $40 for PC and $60 for Next Gen Consoles. Many people assumed it would follow the string of recent online games of similar genre. Instead Blizzard has decided to charge for the game so they can bring a different experience.

Overwatch is an upcoming shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. It is currently set to release in the Spring of 2016.

So what do you think about this news? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook.

November 6, 2015

Call of Duty the Movie

Written by Damien

Today gaming company Activision Blizzard announced the launching of their new Film and Television studio. Activision Blizzard hopes to be able to bring their video games, their plots and their characters into a new medium all while growing on the fan base of over 150 million players.
For their first project they plan to tackle an animated series of the ever popular Skylanders franchise and then to be followed up by a movie for the Call of Duty franchise which Activision Blizzard says can arrive as early as 2018.

November 5, 2015

Xbox One Bundle

Written by Jordan

At the Microsoft store we see a great deal for anyone who is still without the Xbox One for $399. What you see is the Xbox 500TB with kinect and a free game. I suggest you get Halo 5. You get 3 free kinect games including Dance Central. There is something you don't see though. Once you add it to your cart you also get AC: Unity for free too. That is a great bundle if you love the active games or are an adult gamer with some kids. Please share this with your friends as we don't know how long this will last.