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September 30, 2015

Mercenary Kings: Vita

Written by Devon

Mercenary Kings was released on April 1, 2014. I absolutely loved the game for its tight platforming and plethora of customization and unlockable. Even though I enjoyed the game, I felt that this gigantic experience would be better suited for the Vita. Later in April, Tribute Games announced that they would be bringing Mercenary Kings to Vita after all!

At the same time they also said that they plan to release both Curses n' Chaos and Ninja Senki DX on the Vita as well. Curses n' Chaos was released on August 18, 2015 for the PS4 and Vita, but we still haven't received Mercenary Kings. I reached out to Tribute Games and here's what they had to say.

We're still working on Mercenary Kings for Vita.

Curses N Chaos is coming soon to Vita and that was one step in getting

Mercenary Kings on the platform.

There is still no estimated time for release however.”

Jean-Francois Major

So there you have it folks. It sounds like Curses n' Chaos was simultaneously built for the PS4 and the Vita while Mercenary Kings might be a port. That would explain why Curses n' Chaos would play an integral role in making Mercenary Kings possible on the Vita. Mercenary Kings is still on its way! While we still don't have a release date, at least we know we have something to look forward to.

September 25, 2015

Superbeat: XoNiC Update

Written by Devon

Thursday September 24th at around 10:30am EST, the Superbeat: XoNiC facebook page released this image.

This is the third update Superbeat has put out about the potential of a collector's edition. “The Exclusive Collection” is nearing and with a picture like this, it seems to be closer than ever! Please keep in mind that Michael Yum, the lead designer, has already said that when this hits the quantities will be extremely limited. Keep checking Skye Matrix for the latest on this collector's edition and where to buy it. We will post it with links of where to buy as soon as it goes live.

September 24, 2015

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Written by Devon

Back in 2007 Vanillaware released Odin Sphere for the Playstation 2. This game was widely considered to be the spiritual successor to 1997 Atlus game Princess Crown . However we really got the spiritual sucessor to Princess Crown in 2013 when Vanillaware released the beloved Dragon's Crown.

Odin Sphere was the first game that Vanillaware released under the name Vanillaware. The company found their humble beginnings after working together under Atlus to produce Princess Crown. Odin Sphere tells the tale of five unique travelers whose stories intertwine while borrowing themes from Norse Mythology. What makes this story progression unique is that only one of the characters is available at the start. As you progress through the chapters in the game, the “books” for the remaining characters become available for play. Some of the protagonists are also antagonists within the other stories which are frequently intersecting; The 5 characters are from 5 waring nations afterall.

Each stage in the game is comprised of several smaller boards that shop, combat, minor and major boss battles. The combat stages are also ranked from 1-5 based on difficulty and if a path seems too difficult at the time you can opt for a different path. The shop levels allow you to buy and sell goods to get ready for the next section of combat or boss. The final boss of each area must be defeated in order to advance the story.

Fans of Resogun. will be familiar with the level layouts in this game. You can travel in all directions, within a confined space, but the beginning of each stage is connected to the end of each stage, thus creating a loop. In Resogun you can see through the stage to the other side, which is not something you can do here, but the concept of circling through the same stage until completion remains the same. This means you are not limited to a confined space or a completely linear path like other 2D side scrollers.

Odin Sphere will be coming to us again for Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, and Playstation 3 some time in 2016 in the form of an HD remake - Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. It is important to note that this is not just a port or a remaster, it is a full on remake. Keep it posted to Skye Matrix for more on Vanillaware, Odin Sphere, and the recently announced 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

September 23, 2015

Limited Edition Superbeat: Xonic

Written by Devon

Everyone loves a good limited edition when it means something to them, and if my passion piece about Superbeat wasn't obvious enough, I would pay way too much money for a limited edition of DJMax or Superbeat.

Recently the creative director of the previous and newest entries in the series, Michael Yum, took to the facebook fan page to announce that there is a limited edition Superbeat in the works!

However, after getting in touch with Michael Yum, please be aware that this will probably not be your standard limited edition. And when I say standard, I mean “it's not really a limited edition that everybody can just buy because we made an infinite amount of them so everyone can buy one so they're not limited at all! YAY”. Due to the nature of the size of this company and team, this will in fact be highly limited.

Keep tuned to Skye Matrix Gaming for up to date info about when this releases and where you can pick it up.

Superbeat: Xonix currently has a tentative release date of October 20, 2015 and should be available at all major retailers.

New Playstation Vita Colors

Written by Devon

One of the smaller announcements from Sony's 2015 press conference at the Tokyo Game Show was news of some new Playstation Vitas. The Vita is now set to get 4 new previously unannounced colors.

Unfortunately these colors are only due out in Japan, but there is always a way to import these kinds of devices. Personally I imported a magenta console from Amazon with ease. Another wonderful outlet is Play-Asia. These consoles will be debuting this week so keep an eye out!

The aqua blue vita will be receiving a US release exclusively at GameStop on November 6th.

September 22, 2015

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Written by Devon

Vanillaware is at it again! Be still my beating heart.

Some of you may know Vanillaware for their more recent releases such as Dragon's Crown or the HD release of Muramasa Rebirth. Others may know them from back in the good old days before they broke away from Atlus to officially become Vanillaware when they released the charming Princess Crown. Vanillaware produces scrolling games that have absolutely stunning artwork and animation. What sets these games apart is the hand drawn characters and environments. They combine fluid mechanics and fun gameplay with something that is truly beautiful to look it.

2013 saw the release of both aforementioned titles, and we are going be graced in 2016 with an HD Remake of Odin Sphere in the form of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. However, it was only about a month after the announcement of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir that Vanillaware dropped the real bomb on us, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. This announcement came quietly, but it certainly did not fall on deaf ears (if you're me anyway). 13 Sentinels appears to be doing what Vanillaware does best, captivating the audience in a lush and fully realized world. This sci-fi mecha story is coming to both Playstation Vita and Playstation 4.

September 21, 2015

Gravity Daze: An Unsurprising Disappointment.

Written by Devon

Gravity Daze, also known as Gravity Rush here in the West, is finally about to receive the sequel it rightfully deserves. For the uninformed - Gravity Rush is a Playstation Vita exclusive that was released on June 12, 2012. Personally I thought it was an excellent title that had unique gameplay and a wonderfully realized world. Some of the controls were a bit finicky when dealing with smaller enemies, but for a launch window game on a brand new system, it hit all the right notes for me.

There have been talks, screens, and cockteases of a sequel to this game since 2013. There was fear that it may be cancelled, but Shuhei Yoshida assured us “That's another project that we're waiting for the right time to unveil. I've been playing the game for some time.” Many of us have been patiently waiting for this unveiling, we all knew it would happen, but this reveal might be a let down to some.

During this painstakingly long wait we never got any leak about a platform for the sequel. There were leaks of a PS4 port on Korean rating boards earlier this year. It was also during this time that Sony announced they wouldn't be putting out any more AAA games for the Vita. “I wouldn't say we will have big AAA Vita games from first-party.” “We are not making games like Killzone Mercenary, big budget Vita games anymore…” says Yoshida. Gravity Rush was an exclusive game to vita, but it will no longer be an exclusive, and neither will its sequel.

It is a rather unsurprising discovery given all the subtle hints since 2013, but still saddening nonetheless. I had been holding out hope that it would be on both platforms at the very least. Part of me is happy that people who haven't adopted the way of the vita will finally get to experience this game, while the other half is upset that I won't be able to enjoy the sequel on the go. Hopefully the jump in platforms will result in a higher calibur game with a bigger better experience overall.

Look for BluePoint Games PS4 port of Gravity Rush Remastered - which includes all previously released DLC - on February 9, 2016 and its sequel sometime later that year.

September 20, 2015

SkyeMatrix's brief TGS 2015 rundown

Written by Damien

Another September and another Tokyo Game show is over. With Microsoft sitting this year out we were still treated to one of the most impressive TGS' in a long while. while it would be impossible to cover all the announcements (because none of us at SkyeMatrixGaming could attend this year) we here still found it important to talk about the most relevant news that came out of the Tokyo Game Show this year so without further delay let's talk about those announcements.


Sony definitely led the way this year with a more than stellar press conference. Sony decided to announce to renaming of their Morpheus VR headset as Sony VR, making it easier for the consumer to find and locate in the first quarter of 2016! 10 games are said to be released within the first year and Sony VR will be sold as a new gaming hardware most likely meaning it will retial for $200 or more.

Sony also announced that their PS Vita title Gravity Rush will see a remastered PS4 release as well as a PS4 only sequel in Gravity Rush 2 or Gravity Daze in the West.

But it wasn't just the PS4 that got love as some Vita games were also announced. While right now only confirmed for a Japanese only release on the 29th of October a new God Eater game was announced as God Eater Resurrection. The God Eater franchise is one of those series we don't get to see often as we've only got one game in the series so far God Eater Burst on PSP(release in 2010), a fantastic game by the way. This game promises to be an update of the PSP title with reworked scenes and tons more added to flesh out the experience. Here is hoping Namco will bring this game over to the States!

Sony wasn't the only one with news though as some companies announced things we wish we didn't hear or see.


Capcom didn't have much to say however they did announce a new Resident Evil title. Called Biohazard Umbrella Corps. This game is a competitive multiplayer 3rd person shooter taking place in the Resident Evil universe without any of the characters or story we've come to love. Thank goodness this game is only retailing at $30 right? You can see the hesitation in the project from Capcom just based on the fact that in the US the title will simply be called Umbrella Corps dropping the Resident Evil moniker to either help sales or dismiss them.


Probably the most relevant news from Nintendo is the fact that Star Fox Zero which was supposed to be released Nov 2015 is now being pushed back to early 2016. Miyamoto has stated this is in effort to polish the game and make it the best possible Star Fox game it can be on Wii U.


Nintendo wasn't the only company to disappoint with the announcement of a delay however as company Atlus let it be known that the highly anticipated RPG Persona 5 will not be releasing this year but will be releasing Summer 2016. This is probably the most shocking news as the game was supposed to be released in November and has now been pushed back almost a whole year in an effort to polish the game. Let's hope that this pays off for Atlus in the long run as a lot of gamers now have to find another game this holiday to satiate their gaming needs.

So that's it, the news that is currently making headlines from TGS. While there still are a handful of titles we didn't discuss and news, you can always check out our Sunday podcasts as we cover news pertaining to video games. This week we will be going into a deeper discussion about the TGS announcements so if there is anything you need to hear keep it locked on

September 19, 2015

Fallout 4: Season 1

Written by Mike

Welcome to 2015 ladies and gentleman. A game is announced and along with that announcement we learn about the content coming out after the game is launched. We like to hope and think that our favorite game won't do that but they always do. I, like many of you, am extremely looking forward to Fallout 4. The other week they announced that the game would have a season pass at launch that would launch with the game. This season pass would cost $30 and include the DLC that comes out after the game launches this November. People were upset with this because they didn't even announce what would be in the season pass.

Today I'm not going to complain and say they shouldn't do this. Instead I'm going to try and look at this through the eyes of a game developer. A company as big as Bethesda Games Studios must be continually be working on projects to keep their doors open. They employ hundreds of employees that work on their games. Right now Fallout 4 comes out in a couple of months, so they are just polishing and bug testing the game. That would use a good amount of the development team. But what about the rest of the team? The artists aren't on full capacity right now or even most developers probably are slowly running out of their work. So as they finish the game it makes sense that they would be creating more content for this game that is a sure bet will sell millions of units. It would save the company money by not wasting labor and make the fans happy by getting us more content as soon as possible.

The studio internally has a plan that they are following for DLC but because game development is complicated plans can change. So ask yourself would you rather a studio pretend no new content will come out, have to backtrack on what they say continually, or do what they are doing now. They aren't making us buy the season pass now and they're the only bonus with it is a discount of all the DLC. I don't see the issue with this idea because hey if you don't want to buy it now wait and see. If you like all the DLC in the end just buy the season pass then.

September 4, 2015

Superbeat: Xonic: Zonic? Sonic? Xena?.... TAKE MY MONEY

Written by Devon

“Long live the Vita” I always say! Coming to Vita this Fall, is a wonderful game called: Superbeat: Xonic. This game is brought to you by PM Studios and will be available in NA October 20, 2015.

PM Studios is a studio that was founded in 2008. They are a privately owned publisher and are known very well for their DJMax franchise. This included DJmax Fever, DJ Max Portable 3, and DJMax Technika. The most recent game in the DJMax release came in the form of DJMax Technika Tune for the Playstation Vita. This game was created by Pentavision Studio. If you haven't played it, you really should.

Most people don't know about Technika Tune and this was due to an unfortunate series of events. Technika Tune was plagued with poor distribution. They struggled to get the game stocked at major retailers like Amazon and Gamestop. They also released the game behind schedule. After the game was finally distributed, the community manager for Pentavision left the company.

The tragedy of this company is an unfortunate one, but don't let this scare you from a product that is truly amazing. For those unfamiliar with DJMax Technika Tune, it is a rhythm based game, similar to the like of Guitar Hero. There is a stream of notes that go across the screen and it is your duty to play them with the music. Technika utilizes the Vita in every capacity and understands how to properly use the functions of the system without shoehorning them in. As the notes scroll across the screen, you eventually have to learn to tap the front screen, drag notes, sustain notes, and then apply these 3 concepts to the back touch pad as well. At any given time you might be controlling both screens with two completely independent tracks. It makes for a unique experience that can only be enjoyed on the Vita.

So this brings me back to Superbeat. With the closing of Pentavision behind us, we are left in a DJMAxless world. This is where PM Studios comes to the rescue. They have since absorbed the majority of the staff from Pentavision. They do not have the rights to DJMax so the needed something new, and that something is Superbeat. DJMax was broken into 3 styles of play - Star Mixing, Pop Mixing, and Club Mixing. Each one of these sets becomes increasingly difficult and lengths the set of songs too. Star and Pop are limited to 3 songs from a large variety of tracks, while Club is 4. Club mixing also makes you choose from a contained set of songs and then gives you a mystery 4th “boss” song. Superbeat has 4TRAX, 6TRAX, and 6TRAX FX which seem to play out in a similar fashion.

The biggest departure from Technika Tune is the use of the touch and rear touchpads. This game utilizes the left and right sides of the screen, aligning themselves with Up, Left, and Down and Triangle, Circle, and Cross respectively. They also throw in the two shoulder buttons, the thumb sticks and a bit of touching as well. The variety, difficulty, and innovation is still there.

DJMax was known for having a giant selection of music and Superbeat is shaping up to follow suit. You can check out their website now for a sampling of some of their music.

If you enjoy rhythm games, great music, and challenging but incredibly rewarding gameplay, Superbeat: Xonic will be a must buy!

August 26, 2015

Nintendo, What's N(e)X(t)?

Written by Damien

Nintendo. A once vibrant and innovative company has recently been under serious scrutiny by its fans and investors alike. Nintendo has always been known for superb games, innovative ideas, and of course their mascot Mario. We all remember the days of the Wii. It was impossible to find – albeit this was probably 50/50 actual demand vs. artificial demand – but nonetheless, it was widely popular. The Wii surpassed 101 million units in lifetime times. What about the Nintendo DS? It was even more popular with an astounding 150 million units in lifetime sales.

Both of these consoles were runaway successes, but the most recent entry into their history of consoles, the Wii U, was not. The Wii U had a rocky start and has never been able to recover. The console was poorly marketed in the beginning. Most people were so confused that they didn't realize it was a new console. Since launch, it hasn't even sold 10 million units and has already been passed in sales by the next-gen consoles in a fraction of the time. Nintendo is aware of these missteps and is looking towards a hopefully brighter future. We also know that their next console, the NX is in development. Nintendo has been pretty quite about this console but there are bits of information for us to dissect.

The first piece, and why I threw these numbers at you, is to explain why they may have partnered with DeNA. DeNA is a company in Japan that is known for mobile gaming. To be more specific, they own Mobage, a portal and social network for games. They plan on working with DeNA to bring their own IPs to mobile gaming. This has been a hot topic that until recently, Nintendo has actively dodged. Investors want to see Nintendo make more money, and by not bringing some of these characters to mobile they are simply leaving money on the table.
I believe there is more to this partnership. Nintendo has a notoriously bad friend network on its systems. Friend codes? They are cumbersome to say the least. Seeing as DeNA is known as a social network for games, this could easily be integrated into their next system. DeNA could help them to rectify their network and bring them on par with Sony and Microsoft. This could also lead to something similar to trophies or achievements (Hooray, more ways for me to waste time!).

The next piece is what Iwata has said, before his untimely death. Nintendo “believes that compelling mobile games can act as a “bridge” that pushes more consumers to buy dedicated Nintendo games consoles”. Nintendo is no slouch at making compelling games. Their platform is practically built on first party games, which for the most part, knock it out of the park every time. It's a shame that there aren't more Wii Us in the wild for people to experience them.

The last part is the code name. This is where I'm going to throw you my own curve. The X in games like Street Fighter X Tekken is not read as vs. but rather “cross”. What if their code name is Nintendo Cross(es). As in Nintendo Crosses platforms. They've said they want to unify their structure. They've partnered with one of the biggest mobile platforms in the world, not just in terms of gaming, but also networking. What if this partnership is just the beginning of that cross. Right now they're testing the waters with how the games do on mobile.

UPDATE: Apparently Nintendo has filed a patent for console without an optical drive. Companies file patents all the time, and many of these times it means nothing. But let's take this at face value. We are inching closer and closer to a digital world every day. I've already said numerous times that Nintendo is innovative, they are pioneers. This is a step in that same direction. Nintendo bucks the norm and does what they want. This could also help to back up my theory of the X standing for cross. If you have a digitally dedicated console you could theoretically use this to transfer the games between the controller or phone or whatever it is that the console speaks to. It would be similar to Sony's cross buy feature. If you buy it on one, it works on all.

If you look at Nintendo's past they have consistently made cheaper architecture machines that have quality games. Is it really outside the realm of possibility that these games could be run on both the console and on the mobile/handheld? Look at the big name games of mobile right now, and look at the power of the newer phones. These phones and tablets can easily run Nintendo games, so why not marry the two and tap into a larger market. This console could take that partnership with DeNA, the “bridge” between the console and mobile markets, and the cross idea to life. If the console is inexpensive like always, they could use their innovation to make compelling games playable everywhere. What if they implemented Cross-Play like Sony does, but across a handheld as well as mobile? If they packaged something like a 3DS with the system, instead of that tablet, then you could use the “handheld” as a controller as well as a second screen, but then take the same game with you on the go. It's certainly a possibility that they could be considering if this console is digital only. If you add an app to the actual mobile dedicated devices you could then jump the game to the mobile, or you just use it as another controller. Imagine if they put Smash or any co-op game on this new console and all you have to do is connect your phone to jump in and play. At the very least you could use the mobile device to find your friends and join their game instead of navigating nonsense menus and friend codes.

Right now all we can do is guess as to what Nintendo is really up to, but I believe they are heading towards a much brighter future where they dedicated to making their games accessible in more outlets so that we have a reason to buy these consoles.